Covid-19 resourses service corporation operating in Florida State.

Madeinusa Clean Service LLC​

who are we

Madeinusa Clean Service LLC, is a residential and commercial cleaning service corporation operating in Florida State.

We are  the cleaning experts and can work alongside you to determine the right combination of cleaning services for your needs. We are using eco-friendly products to deliver the best cleaning environment to our customers and we look forward to making you part of the many satisfied customers we serve.

Madeinusa Clean Service LLC​

Mission and vision

Achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers, fully covering their cleaning, hygiene and sanitation needs with the best service and the best quality, always having as a priority the care of the environment, the health of users and promoting a culture of health through cleaning.

Our Values

Client Focus






Madeinusa Clean Service LLC​

Our main products

Madeinusa Clean Service LLC​


EVOLYSE, solution ready to use based on hydrogen peroxide and silver salts, is an aerial disinfectant for non-invasive medical devices and surfaces such as equipments, operating tables and medical/dental units.


The main features of Evolyse reflect the requirements described in the guidelines for the correct use of antiseptics – disinfectants:

– Biocidal activity

– Wide spectrum of action

– Fast action

– Non-toxic to humans at the concentrations of use

– Safety on the materials to be treated

– Easy application

– Quality and safety

– Economic management

Madeinusa Clean Service LLC​


The Medibios device is a micronebulizer of new generation, practical, manageable and technologically.

It is a class I Medical Device marked


Weight: 9,2 kg

Hourly consumption: 1500 ml/h

Particle size: from < 1 to 5 µm

2 pivoting emission nozzles

Automatic start (weekly)

Saving data on USB pen drive

European Patent EP 2852467


Designed for use in various hospital departments.

All configuration settings for treatments are performed with a display and keyboard. (treatable volume: from 10 to 1000m³)

Madeinusa Clean Service LLC​

why do we have our accreditations?

Accreditation are important for the better health care and social services for you, your family, and your community. It allows organizations to understand how to make better use of their resources, increase efficiency, enhance quality and safety, and reduce risk.